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Account Fee

Term Fee
Basic rate \1,000 per a month
Computational Server (CPU) \0.00125 per a second
Disk Basic rate (Home Partition) No charge (maximum size: 20GB)
Cloud Storage Service No charge (maximum size: 20GB)
Optional Services
Disk Adding Service (Home Partition) \1,000 per a fiscal year at every 100GB (maximum size: 300GB)
Cloud Storage Adding Service \1,000 per a fiscal year at every 100GB (maximum size: 300GB)
MS/DS Utilization Service ICR:\1,500 per a month
Besides ICR: \3,000 per a month
  1. "Home partition" means the user's home directory. The partition do not include user's mail spool and /aptmp.
  2. Computational Server fee is set the upper limit per a month. It is \30,000 for ICR users. It is \40,000 for other than ICR.
  3. If you run jobs with several cpus, the amount of cpu time is the sum of the every cpu's time.
  4. "MS/DS" means Materials Studio/Discovery Studio, which are BIOVIA products.
  5. This account fee has been adopted since 2016/04/01.