Membrane-permeable peptides:
Chemistry, biology and therapeutic applications

(A satellite meeting of International Conference of 43rd Japanese Peptide Symposium/
4th Peptide Engineering Meeting)

Date: November 10th(Fri) 9:30 am -11th(Sat) 5:00 pm, 2006

Place: Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan

Organizers: Shiroh Futaki, Katsumi Matsuzaki, Takashi Morii (Kyoto University), Takeshi Nagasaki (Osaka City University)


Intracellular delivery using membrane-permeable peptide vectors (CPP/PTD) is a recently developed methodology that has successfully been employed to transport various bioactive molecules into cells to modify cell functions. The potentials of this approach for medical and pharmaceutical applications have also attracted our attention. In this meeting, we will focus on the design and chemistry of peptide vectors and their relevance to the cellular uptake mechanisms and the possible therapeutic applications.

Invited Speakers:

    Steven S. Dowdy (USA)
    Jonathan Rothbard (USA)
    Bernard Lebleu (France)
    Ulo Langel (Sweden)
    Alain Prochiantz (France)
    Ernest Giralt (Spain)
    Michael Gait (UK)
    Sung-Kee Chung (Korea)
    Ferenc Hudecz (Hungary)
    Hideyoshi Harashima (Japan)
    Hideki Matsui (Japan)
    Shigeo Ohta (Japan)
    Akira Yamamoto (Japan)
    Atsushi Maruyama (Japan)
    Takashi Morii (Japan)
    Hirofumi Noguchi (Japan)
    Yoshitaka Nagai (Japan)
    Yoshie Maitani (Japan)
    Hidenori Yamada (Japan)
    Mariko Morishita (Japan)
    Shiroh Futaki (Japan)
    Katsumi Matsuzaki (Japan)

    The program can be downloaded from here.

registration fee:

     8000JPY (University)
    12000JPY (Company)
     3000JPY (Student)

Contact to:

Shiroh Futaki, Ph. D.
Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University
Phone: +81-776-38-3210
Fax: +81-774-32-3038
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