Go Matsuba (Yamagata University),
Hiroki Murase (TOYOBO),
Toshiji Kanaya (Kyoto University)


Organized by TOYOBO CO., LTD., Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University, Yamagata University, and The Society of Fiber Science and Technology, Japan



MAP, how to access to Mielparque, Kyoto


We have reserved some hotel rooms in EL INN KYOTO ( near JR Kyoto Station on Oct. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd for foreign visitors. The number of booked room is limited. If you want the rooms, please contact us ( as soon as possible.



Invited Speakers 

 (alphabetical order)
CHUANG, Wei-Tsung (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan)
HASHIMOTO, Takeji (Kyoto University, Japan)
HIKOSAKA, Masamichi (Hiroshima University, Japan)
HSIAO, Ben S. (Stony Brook University, USA)
HU, Wenbing (Nanjing University, China)
JENG, U-Ser (National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center, Taiwan)
KONISHI, Takashi (Kyoto University, Japan)
KUMAKI, Jiro (Yamagata University, Japan)
MARTINS, Carla I. (University of Minho, Portugal)
MARUBAYASHI, Hironori (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan)
NISHIDA, Koji (Kyoto University, Japan)
OGAWA, Hiroki (Kyoto University, Japan)
SASAKI, Sono (Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan)
TAGUCHI, Ken (Hiroshima University, Japan)
TODA, Akihiko (Hiroshima University, Japan)
YAMAZAKI, Shinichi (Okayama University, Japan)

Scientific Program (tentative)

Lectures (Room Hagi, 4th Floor, Mielparque Kyoto)
13:00-13:10 Opening
Toshiji Kanaya (Chair, Kyoto University)
13:10-13:40  Nascent cellulose crystal structure
Benjamin S. Hsiao (Stony Brook Umiversity)
13:40-14:10 Melting behaviors of polymer crystals
Akihiko Toda (Hiroshima University)
14:10-14:30 Melt crystallization through the mesomorphic phase in polybutylene terephthalate
Takashi Konishi, Waki Sakatsuji, Koji Fukao, Yoshihisa Miyamoto (Kyoto University)
14:30-14:50 Shear induced crystallization of cyclic and linear polyethylene blend -Role of entanglement formed by combination of cyclic and linear polymer-
Shinichi Yamazaki (Okayama University)
14:50-15:20 Intermission
15:20-15:50 Cascading Time Evolution of Dissipaitive Structures into Shishi-Kebab Crystalline Texture: General Principles in Pattern Formation in Open Nonequilibrium Systems
Takeji Hashimoto (Kyoto University)
15:50-16:10 Molecular, Crystal, and Higher-Order Structures of Microbial Poly[(R)-3-hydroxyalkanoate]s with Long Alkyl Side Chains
Hironori Marubayashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
16:20-16:50 Cooling and heating rate dependence of crystallization behavior of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate),Koji Nishida (Kyoto University)
Koji Nishida (Kyoto University)
16:50-17:10  Influence of Film-thickness on Crystallization Behaviors of Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) in Thin Films
Sono Sasaki (KIT)
17:10-18:10  Poster Session
18:30-20:30  Banquet (Mielparque Kyoto)
09:30-10:00  Deformation induced crystallization of polyester materials: studies on the structural evolution mechanisms of PEN, PET and PET nanocomposites under uniaxial deformation
Carla Martins (IPC, Minho University)
10:00-10:30 Elongational Crystallization of PET from the melt
Masamichi Hikosaka and Kiyoka Okada (Hiroshima University)
10:30-11:00 Molecular simulations of strain-induced polymer crystal nucleation: Effects of polydispersity and relaxation contrast
Wenbing Hu (Nanjing University)
11:00-11:30  Intermission
11:30-12:00  Crystallization Behavior of Single Isolated Polymer Chains Visualized by Atomic Force Microscopy
Jiro Kumaki, Takahiro Anzai (Yamagata University)
12:00-12:20  Edge-on crystals grow faster than flat-on in ultrathin P4MP1 films
Ken Taguchi (Hiroshima University)
12:20-12:40  Ordering transition mechanism of nanostructures in spin-coated PS-b-P2VP films
Hiroki Ogawa (Kyoto University) 
12:40-12:45  Closing 
Go Matsuba (Co-Chair, Yamagata University)


Poster Session (Room Hagi, 4th Floor, Mielparque Kyoto)
1 Vitrification and crystallization of poly(butylene-2,6-naphthalate) Yasuhiro Shiraishi (Kyoto University)
2 Analysis of bulk and surface structure of the temperature-sensitive adhesive Yuji Fujiyama (Yamagata University)
3 Polypropylene/ Poly-Trimethylene Terapthalate polyblend fibres – Structure, Processing and Dyeability M. D. Teli and P.V. Desai (Institute of Chemical Technology)
4 Shear-induced structure formation process of isotactic polystyrene above nominal melting temperature. Momoko Murakami (Kyoto University)
5 Distribution of crystal and amorphous in the micron scale of poly(L-lactic acid)/poly(D-lactic acid) blends. Hiroaki Sato (Yamagata University)
6 Crystallization behavior, thermal stability and mechanical performance of poly(lactic acid) filled glass bead and hybrid fillers. Supaphorn Thumsorn, Kazushi Yamada and Hiroyuki Hamada (Kyoto Institute of Techonology)
7 Flow-induced Crsytallization of iPP above the Nominal Melting Temperature. O. Bando, Y. Hanamoto, M. Kokufuda, T. Fukushima, M. Koyama, M. Umeyama, Mitsui Chemical Analysis & Consulting Service Inc. (mcAnac), T. Kanaya, N. Takahashi, M. Murakami (Kyoto University)
8 Effect of molecular weight on shish-kebab formation. Tadahiko Maede (Kyoto University)
9 Crystallization of Polyurea Yuta Chonan (Yamagata University)


Registration, Poster Presentation and Banquet


Those who want to participate the symposium should notify the name and the affiliation to T. Kanaya ( by September 27th. The registration fee is free.

Poster Presentation

We can accept poster presentation. Please notify the title and the authors of poster presentation to T. Kanaya ( by September 20th.


We will have the symposium banquet at 19:00 on October 2nd in Mielparque Kyoto. It costs 5,000 JYN per person. We can still accept some people to join the banquet. Please notify the name and the affiliation to T. Kanaya ( by September 18th.


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Hiroki Mmurase (
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ICR Symposium on Polymer Crystals 2014