Scopes of Research


Structure and function of biocatalysts, in particular, pyridoxal enzymes and enzymes acting on xenobiotic compounds, are studied to elucidate the dynamic aspects of the fine mechanism for their catalysis in the light of recent advances in gene technology, protein engineering and crystallography.  In addition, the metabolism and biofunction of sulfur, selenium, and some other trace elements are investigated.  Development and application of new biomolecular functions of microorganisms are also studied to open the door to new fields of biotechnology.  For example, molecular structures and functions of psychrophilic enzymes and their application are under investigation.

  1. Environmental Adaptation of Microbes

  1. Function of Bacterial Enzymes

  1. Function of Proteins and Lipids in Biological Membranes

Microbes living in extreme environments

Physiological function of PUFAs

2-Haloacrylate hydratase



Selenocysteine lyase

Cysteine desulfurase

and More...