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We are interested in fundamental chemistry and physics of transition-metal oxides
and seeking new materials with new functional properties.

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LiNbO3-type polar antiferromagnet InVO3 synthesized under high-pressure conditions

InVO3 was found to crystallize in the polar LiNbO3-type structure under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions. The high-pressure InVO3 phase is a potential multiferroic exhibiting polarization and magnetic ordering. The work was done in collaboration wth M. Bieringer's group in Manitoba, Canada.

Z. Tan, J. A. Lussier, T. Yamada, Y. Xu, T. Saito, M. Goto, Y. Kosugi, D. Vrublevskiy, Y. Kanemitsu, M. Bieringer, and Y. Shimakawa
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., e202203669/1-4 (2022). DOI: 10.1002/anie.202203669

Multi-k spin ordering in CaFe3Ti4O12 stabilized by spin-orbit coupling and further-neighbor exchange

The quadruple perovskite CaFe3Ti4O12 was found to exhibit long-range magnetic order consisting of an unusual arrangement of three interpenetrating orthogonal sublattices, each corresponding to the set of FeO4 square-planes sharing a common orientation. This multi-k magnetic structure was stabilized primarily by spin-orbit coupling. The work was done in collabotation with the neutron powder diffraction team in ISIS, UK and J. Paul Attfield's group in Edinburgh, UK.

M. Amano Patino, F. D. Romero, M. Goto, T. Saito, F. Orlandi, P. Manuel, A. Szabo, P. Kayser-Gonzalez, K. H. Hong, K. Alharbi, J. P. Attfield, and Y. Shimakawa
Phys. Rev. Research, 3, 043208/1-8 (2021). DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevResearch.3.043208

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