• 2021/4/6 news

    We held the 1st wood molecular transformation seminar about Japanese foresty with Mr. Mineo, who studies forestry and forestry economics in Division of Forest and Biomaterials Science, Kyoto University.
  • 2021/4/5 news

    The interview of Prof. Nakamura and Assis. Prof. Isozaki about the social innovation catalyst project was published on the research information portal of Kyoto University "K.U.RESEARCH".
  • 2021/4/5 news

    Mr. Saito and Ms. Kihara as B4 students, Mr. Wu as a M1 student, Ms. Osaki as an assistant administrative staff, Ms. Fukumoto as an assistant technical staff, joined our group.
  • 2021/3/24 news

    Mr. Yamamoto and Mr. Wang got the Master degree, and Mr. Iseri and Mr. Suzuki got the bachelor degree. Congulatulations!
  • 2021/3/6 news

    The URL of this website has been updated.
  • 2021/2/25 news

    Mr. Yin has passed the entrance examination for foreign students in the master's program for the April 2021 period (Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering). Congratulations.
  • 2021/1/19 for students

    [For prospective students] The schedule of our lab-tour (local, ZOOM) has been decided. Click here for details.
  • 2021/1/14 for students

    [For prospective students] ZOOM orientation by laboratories in Uji campus (Institute for Chemical Research and Institute of Advanced Energy) will be held. Click here for details.
  • 2021/1/13 news

    Mr. Son, researcher in our laboratory and director of NMR Co., Ltd., was featured in Rakutai Shinpo.
  • 2020/1/7 for students

    [For prospective students] We are accepting inquiries at any time. Click here for details.
  • 2020/12/25 news

    The laboratory website has been renewed.
  • 2020/9/1 news

    Mr. Iseri, Mr. Suzuki, Ms. Wu, and Mr. Wu (currently Chiba University) have passed the Master's Program Entrance Examination (Department of Energy and Hydrocarbon Chemistry, Graduate School of Engineering). Congratulations.
  • 2020/4/2 news

    Mr. Iseri and Mr. Suzuki joined our lab as the new B4, Ms. Wu as a research student, and Mr. Rin as an office assistant.
  • 2020/4/1 news

    Development of Next-Generation Chemical Industry through Precision Catalytic Chemical Synthesis, part of Kyoto University Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration Headquarters Incubation Program started. Dr. Son, Mr. Ryosuke Matsuura and Mr. Avena have joined.
  • 2019/12/4 award

    Professor Masaharu Nakamura received the "Synthetic Organic Chemistry Association Award, Nissan Chemical Organic Synthesis, New Reaction Method Award". Congratulations.
  • 2019/8/31 news

    Announcement of entrance examination results for the doctoral program at the Graduate School of Engineering. Mr. Lu (to Nakamura Lab) and Mr. Kawasaki (to Fukazawa Lab) have passed the doctoral program's entrance examination (Graduate School of Engineering). Congratulations.