Scope of Research

Synthetic, structural, and theoretical studies are being conducted on p-conjugated hydrocarbon molecules, with particular attention being paid for the redox activity. Thus, structural features are pursued to create stable cationic and radical species in order to furnish redox-active systems as fundamental models for electronic functional materials. The main subjects of studies are as follows.

1) Organic functionalization of the spherical carbon cluster, fullerene C60, is conducted in order to increase the processability and to control the elctronic properties of this three-dimensional p-conjugated system. The mechanochemical solid-state reaction is applied to the structural transformation of fullerenes, particularly to the formation and characterization of dimers, C120 and C130, and trimer, C180.

2) Mono- and polycyclic p-conjugated systems surrounded by rigid bicyclic s-frameworks are synthesized. These systems are characterized by the raised HOMO level due to the effective s-p conjugation, and afford highly stabilized radical cations and even dications showing marked electrochromism. The elements such as silicon and sulfur are incorporated in these p-conjugated systems, and their electronic effects are investigated.

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