Uesugi Laboratory

ti01.jpgWho we are

Motonari Uesugi
Laboratory Members

ProfessorMotonari Uesugi
Assistant ProfessorsMasahiro Abo
Kosuke Nishio
Administrative AssistantChika Kato
Noriko Shiga
Research AssociateHyosuk Kim [Chugai Postdoc Fellow]
ResearcherVaibhav Pal Singh
Graduate StudentsAsmaa Farrag (D3) [Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholar]
Manchir Tserendagva (D2) [Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholar]
Krystian Latos (D1) [Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholar]
Melanie Helms (M2) [Rotary Yoneyama Memorial Scholar]
Research StudentsMatthew Denwell Herrera [Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholar]
Parisa Sadat Ayatollahi [Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholar]
Omar Obeid [Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholar]

Career Paths - Former Doctoral Students and Postdoctoral Fellows

Associate Professor, Ewha Womans University (South Korea); Senior Scientist, The Gyeonggi Bio-Center (South Korea); Assistant Professor, Kanazawa University (Japan); Assistant Professor, Osaka University (Japan); Assistant Professor, Niigata University of Pharmacy and Applied Life Sciences (Japan), Assistant Professor, Tokyo University of Science (Japan); Assistant Professor, Kumamoto University (Japan); Lecturer, Nagoya University (Japan); Postdoctoral Fellow, Stanford University (USA); Postdoctoral Fellow, Indiana University (USA); Taiho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Japan); Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited (Japan); Shionogi & Co., Ltd. (Japan); Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (Japan); GSK (India); ERATO Researcher (Japan); Segwright, Inc. (USA); TEI (Venture Capital); Fjirebio Inc. (Japan); Asubio Pharma Co., Ltd. (Japan); Scientist, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (South Korea); Assistant Professor, Hoseo University (South Korea); Scripps Research Institute Florida (USA); Nippon Soda (Japan); Genentech (USA); Lecturer, Hokkaido University (Japan); Sumitomo Dainippon Pharma (Japan); Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan); Professor, Shinshu University (Japan); Postdoctoral Fellow, Hokkaido University (Japan); Postdoctoral Fellow, Northeastern University (USA); Postdoctoral Fellow, Scripps Research Institute (USA); Assistant Professor, Kumamoto University (Japan); Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Riken (Japan); Postdoctoral Research Fellow, North Carolina State University (USA); Roland Berger Ltd. (Japan); Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Nagoya University (Japan); Assistant Professor, Tohoku University (Japan); Researcher, Sysmex Corporation (Japan); Senior Researcher, Utilization of Carbon Dioxide Institute Co., Ltd. (Japan)


*InstituteUesugi Research Group
Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences (iCeMS)/
Institute for Chemical Research (ICR) .
Kyoto University
AddressGokasho, Uji, Kyoto 611-0011, JAPAN
AccessAccess to the campus

If you are interested in our group, please email to Dr. Uesugi.
E-mail : uesugi[at] (Please replace [at] by @.)
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